Welcome to a vibrant dynamic world of art, craft and design.

CONCEPTSIAM welcomes you to a world of Contemporary High End Thai/Siamese lifestyle products; we invite you into a vibrant dynamic world of art, craft and design that plays along on an international level, true to its own significant character.

Watch this video from our collaborators at Bambunique, which will show you their thoughts and visions of material selection, design and workflow.

CONCEPTSIAM proudly present Bambunique

Product and project catalogues

Product catalogue

Product overview

All products – Product catalogue, BAMBUNIQUE.

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Bamboo Villa Design - Bedroom

Hotel & Resort

Endless inspiration – hotel & resort projects.

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Godzilla Friday Restaurant Bangkok

Bar & Restaurant

Endless inspiration – bar & restaurant projects.

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Bambunique spa

Spa & Corporate

Endless inspiration – spa & corporate projects.

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Bamboo forest


Frontrunners of Siam’s fascinating design scene of today joins traditional craft and 21st century aesthetics emphasizing eco-design and sustainability, with dedicated respect of traditional crafts.

Quality Craftmanship

Quality craftmanship

In cooperation with our designers and skilled craftspeople, we are engaged in the process from idea, through crafting perfection to the finished product.

Good design always recognize the presence of nature.

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