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CONCEPTSIAM IS YOUR GATEWAY to the frontrunners of the Thai/Siamese design scene, concentrated on high end lifestyle products with particular dedication reflecting eco-design.

CONCEPTSIAM acts as your local EU contact, whether it is in connection with ordering, import, distribution, service or marketing. Generally; your local service agent at Your convenience.

We may also satisfy small orders for quick delivery from our warehouse, and display real life products and news at the showroom in Denmark.

CONCEPTSIAM is your European agent for esteemed brand of Bambunique.

Bamboo Bar Mandarin Oriental

Introducing Bambunique Brand concept – High end Classic Contemporary furniture and decor.

Bambunique concentrate on the use of bamboo in interior and exterior design. By tradition of course, but even more for the beauty and for the possibilities that this material invites to – stretching it to its limit. Also, and as importantly, for bamboo’s evident advantages as a sustainable and highly eco-friendly resource! THE raw material of the future within numerous fields!

Bambunique is always aiming at the unique design with stylish bamboo & other sustainable materials, meticulously handcrafted by artisans using traditional skills and techniques. With our inspiring design & development team we create furniture and decor’ concepts that present classic contemporary and unique aesthetics.

Serving importers / wholesalers / retailers

CONCEPTSIAM delivers unique product lines from “BAMBUNIQUE” for sale at a dealer near you.

Godzilla Friday Restaurant Bangkok

B2B / Projects co-operation

We have a dedicated design team working with Architects, Interior designers and directly with clients. We have years of experience and has partnered with many eminent designers supplying furniture and lighting to highly respected office, hotel, restaurant, retail, institutional and residential projects.

Offer design & production

Also do not hesitate to let us design, or co-design and produce your signature products.

Services - showroom in Denmark


CONCEPTSIAM offer import and re-distribution and all service related matters to be handled via our office in Denmark on the client`s request.

Good design always recognize the presence of nature.

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